Friday, January 26, 2018

3 Suspects break into a U.S. Army National Guard | Caught on Video - Los Angeles

Van Nuys News / Breaking into the U. S. Army Base - Suspects are Caught on camera!

The United States Armed Forces U. S. Army National Guard has a security gate that the lock was unlocked and there was a car parked at the base, it was apparently unknown who's car it was but it was there when we arrived. When we arrived, (Baddboyfilms News), we saw the gate wide open and inside it were about four males in their 20s all yelling for us to not enter, they were doing something to the rear of this place but it appeared that the fire just started here all of the sudden. 

It wasn't light till we got to this area and the men trespassing saw us and were very alerted and worried of us entering at that moment, like they were trying to hide something they were doing behind the base that was hidden from our view. 

Google Maps ; The U.S. Army National Guard base location.  
12300 Gladstone Ave, Sylmar, CA 91342, USA

There is a United States Army National Guard at Arroyo St. and the 210 West near there and it's bordering Sylmar at Lake View Terrace where on the other side of those hills is Paxton St.

 The Lake View Terrace Trucking Storage Company sits atop that hill made of dense fields of overlaying brush, 20 years of deadfall and thicket that hasn't burned in all these years. The Military base sits right in the mist of it all and fire had over run the military base sides but fortunately didn't catch the base roof or outer buildings on fire. Their trash area was fully involved to the rear of the structure at the end of the alley. 

Trespasser's drove their Jeep onto the Military U.S. Army land after breaking into the gate, opening it, and driving into the old military base without any authority with them. 

Breaking into a United States Army Base during the Creek Fire, Lake View Terrace, CA
They said , no one cares. The base is abandoned and they let them trespass because they live there with homeless people after they told our camera operator that they are making this base into a place for homeless to live. (It didn't make sense and we refused to violate these gates with them. We recorded them entering, here is some of that raw footage, since "no one cares....huh". - More people care than you can count. 

Raw Footage / Proof Suspects are Caught on Video: 

Men break into a United States Army National Guard Base | Raw Footage

Credits: Baddboyfilms News | near Pacoima, CA. Dec. 5, 2017 @ 1:57pm (raw Footage captured)

Verify the researched the laws: 

1634. Protection Of Government Property -- Military Bases

Section 1382 of Title 18 forbids trespassing on military bases. Two distinct offenses are embraced by this section. First, 18 U.S.C. § 1382 prohibits any person from entering any military installation for any purpose prohibited by law. In addition, this section precludes individuals who have been removed from bases and instructed not to reenter from reentering without permission.
The intent required for these two offenses differs. In order to violate the first paragraph of 18 U.S.C. § 1382 an individual must enter for some "purpose prohibited by law or lawful regulation." Thus, this offense is a specific intent crime. Note, however, that in military installations where the public is forbidden entry by law or regulations, the simple intent to enter will be sufficient to trigger this section.
The second paragraph of this section forbids reentry onto a military base after one has been removed from that base and told not to return. Given the nature of this offense it has been suggested that a distinct criminal intent need not be shown. See Holdridge v. United States, 282 F.2d 302, 309 (8th Cir. 1960). The mere presence of the individual on the base after his exclusion is sufficient to violate the law.
This section applies to any military, naval, or coast guard reservation, post, fort, arsenal, yard, station or installation over which the United States has exclusive possession. See Holdridge v. United States, 282 F.2d at 309. Persons violating this section are subject to 6 months imprisonment, a $500 fine, or both.
Of course, property offenses occurring on military bases may also violate 18 U.S.C. § 1361 or, where federal jurisdiction exists, the applicable federal enclave statutes.

Trespasser's violated Federal laws by trespassing the U.S. Army National Guard's base , saying they are there to become firefighters today. They were civilians trespassing federal property. The gate showed "No Trespassing, Federal Property". 

This means that the place could be burning down and no one is allowed on this land, regardless. There is not release that allows someone to trespass to save the building from destruction. It is a Federal crime regardless. 

No one is allowed to reside on federal land without the permission of the Federal Judge. Same goes for trespassing. We used zoom lenses to capture our media | raw footage to show you the events that took place in the Creek Fire.