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Crack and Herion on the streets of Los Angeles | News LA

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How to smoke crack while you are homeless, Live Crack Addicts showing you step-by-step unknowing they were on the hidden Baddboyfilms News hidden Cam

"That's Crack"....Addiction and Homelessness . LAPD always tell people, watch out now, they might be on crack-famous.
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Video Raw Media Footage 

Caught in the act:
 Crystal meth smoking female in her 60s to 70s location was in Woodland Hills, Ca on May 10, 2018 at 6:00pm along Topanga Cyn. / Ventura Blvd. 
Raw Footage: Woodland Hills Homeless smoking crack: 

Credits: Baddboyfilms News , May 10, 2018 / Thursday Los Angeles News from inside

Summer is approaching in the West Valley and Police know all about the hike in crime since Christmas 2017 going around in this local area. This report is locally, not all over. We observed locally, we didn’t travel all across the nation to compare. 

Here in the video is a fine example of what you can expect your spare change is going to when you feed or support the homeless people or street residence in the West Valley area, Van Nuys or North Hollywood , around the San Fernando valley and nearby cities within Los Angeles. 

Santa Monica is high in drug addicts on their streets amongst tourist attraction sites like the Santa Monica fishing pier, the Third St Promenade Mall, shopping centers and many you will find locally cropping up around the outer skirts of Santa Monica and Culver City near the La Metro bus lines and train services . Travelers are warned to be careful not to converse with strangers on the bus lines and on trains.

Back in the San Fernando valley, the locals are battling a massive body count of homeless travelers passing through. They squat for a few days then move along. Some have been noticed as taking up residence here in tents along freeways at the 101 and 405 freeway and near Balboa park. When the weather heats up, travelers come to the Malls, and shopping centers, so do the transits. 

The circus is in town around Westfield shopping center and the Topanga Village open air center street walk. Homeless people and ex-felons, ex-convicts and C.D.C.R. State Prison Parolees (mostly males  ages between 23-30 years old) have been  individually dumped out of homeless shelters in North Hollywood and halfway houses, some have AWOL’d from Mental Heath treatment for Adult centers and Chemical Dependency treatment centers, then find themselves struggling to find a safe place to sleep in the roadways and side walks , parking lot sea back alleys . While the addicts will kill for money, they will rob, steal and murder and keep doing these things till they get arrested. 

Case Studies / U.S. Laws about Crack Consumption in humans: 

Crack lung
In crack users, acute respiratory symptoms have been reported, sometimes termed crack lung. Symptoms include fever, hemoptysis and difficulty breathing.

Cocaine is a white powder that comes from the dried leaves of the coca plant that is found in South America. Crack cocaine is a form of the drug that gives a very quick, intense high. Crack is made by cooking cocaine powder with baking soda, then breaking it into small pieces called rocks.

Crack cocaine is often packaged in vials, glassine bags, and film canisters. The size of a crack rock can vary, but generally ranges from 1/10 to 1/2 gram. Rocks can sell for as low as $3 to as high as $50, but prices generally range from $10 to $20.

Crack vs. coke. 
The only difference between the crack and powder forms of cocaine is the removal of hydrochloride, which allows for a higher melting point, and the ability to be smoked. Crack cocaine is typically produced by mixing powder cocaine with baking soda and water over heat.

Crack is a pleasure both powerful and elusive. ... 
Cocaine, in contrast, is a clear high, a stimulant to sociality; do a line and get into some serious play or some pleasurable work. Crack is both spacey and intense. It has the head rush of marijuana or amyl nitrate with the clarity induced by a noseful of powder cocaine.

Smoking crack cocaine also can cause aggressive and paranoid behavior. 
As crackcocaine interferes with the way the brain processes chemicals, one needs more and more of the drug just to feel “normal.” 
Those who become addicted to crack cocaine (as with most other drugs) lose interest in other areas of life.

Prices are not equal in every city in every year, but crack is equally likely to be more or less expensive, and the differences are not large relative to variation in prices of both forms of cocaine between cities and over time. 
... However, crack is not, in fact, cheaper per pure unit than powder cocaine.

How long the effects last and how intense they are depend on the method of use. 
Injecting or smoking cocaine produces a quicker and stronger but shorter-lasting high than snorting. The high from snorting cocaine may last 15 to 30 minutes. The high from smoking may last 5 to 10 minutes

Compulsive crack use develops soon after the person starts using, because the substance is smoked and enters the blood stream rapidly.
 A tolerance develops quickly—the addict soon fails to achieve the same high experienced earlier from the same amount of crack cocaine.

Crack cocaine was first developed during the cocaine boom of the 1970's, and its use became enormously popular in the mid-1980s, particularly in urban areas.2 Today it remains a very problematic and popular drug, as it is inexpensive to produce, and is much cheaper to purchase than powder cocaine.

Crack, a form of cocaine that is sold as “rocks” and smoked, first appeared in large U.S. cities around 1985. Crack became a popular alternative to cocaine in urban and working-class areas because it was much cheaper than cocaine. This led to a dramatic increase in crack use known as the “Crack Epidemic of the 1980s.

Drug experts still do not agree on the path charted by crack across the country. 
Some do indeed believe that crack was created on the West Coast. The DEA reports that crack cocaine was first identified in Los Angeles in 1981, when it was also found in Houston, Miami, and San Diego.

The 5 Most Addictive Substances On Earth
  • Nicotine. Nicotine, the highly addictive substance found in tobacco products, is the most common addiction in America. ... 
  • Barbiturates (“downers”) These substances are typically used to treat anxiety and induce sleep
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Heroin

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