Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tarzana House / Carport Fire | Raw footage

Carport Fire Flames Extended to Neighboring home's Attic | Tarzana

Raw Footage | Photograph and Editorial Credits: Baddboyfilms News
October 26, 2017, Thursday, 5:25pm

 Fire originated outside, involving a carport at a single family dwelling. 

Fire extended into the exposed single family dwelling, including the attic. No injuries reported.

On scene: EM17 Fire Captain Holt , RA72, RA73, RA93, T105, T93, CM12, CM42, BC17 Battalion Chief Andrew Wordin, E293, E305, E273, 

As flames extended up the walls of the next door neighboring single family dwelling, black dense smoke could be seen as far as Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Erwin St. near the Westfield Village at Topanga.

The tree was fully involved which had heated the roof from the outside while flames licked the edges and fire finally entered the home’s attic tearing through their home in a partial area of the house, authorities said. 

How the fire started is still under investigation. Witnesses told Battalion Chief Andrew Wordin that they didn’t know what caused the fire. They said they heard popping sounds outside their homes and came out to see what they were from. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Northridge crash 6 injured, 3 children critical | Raw footage

The accident occurred just on the east side of Shirley Avenue, South/East corner of 19500 block of Roscoe Boulevard at Shirley Av. 

Seven Rescue Ambulances were on scene by 3:59 pm and the original 911 emergency call came from a local cellphone caller who wasn’t identified. 

Editorial/Raw Footage Credits: Baddboyfilms news | Tuesday 3:50 pm, 19500 W. Roscoe Blvd. October 10, 2017 

Photos credit: Baddboyfilms News

Northridge Crash | Raw Footage: 

Los Angeles Fire Department resigning to a expanded traffic accident at the 19500 block of West Roscoe Boulevard with children reported trapped were BC17, E104, E273, E293, E70, EM12, EM15, EM17, HR70, RA104, RA105, RA106, RA70, RA72, RA93, RA96, T73, T93

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

West Hills extension garage exploded for unknown reasons | Raw footage

Van Nuys Airport VYN News at the FlyAway

A Loud Bomb Explosion hits a private residence backyard in West Hills bringing the block to ruins. Like a plan crash!

Family Dwelling Garage explosion news update: 
As of Thursday September 21, 2017 Police have ruled that this is NOT a criminal investigation any longer. They said it was natural gas, or possibly had to do with the gas company. 

CREDITS: Baddboyfilms news

"There was a big explosion across the street and people could be dead, help us"! The neighbors all pulled together to see if they could search for survivors. They went door to door on Sale Ave calling out to their neighbors, "Anyone home" hello?" Do you need help? 

It was a humane type of neighborhood and they really stuck it out for one another. One neighbor was telling news media she was all over the house that blew up. The minute it happened, it shook her in a fearsome way. She ran across the street in fear, towards what she might find. Hero in her heart, she was not being a hero, she was being a human. 

More scenes from the Blast site
Baddboyfilms news raw footage

Massive Explosion in West Hills blasting wood chips all over the block

The blast occurred on the 7500 block of north sale avenue after 2:00pm Wednesday, Los Angeles Police arrived on scene to investigate to multiple 911 emergency calls for help through LAPD dispatch Topanga Police station summoned police officers to block the roads coming into the area. 

The next day, Thursday September 21, 2017 morning 10:00am the street out front was packed with news vans, trucks , the press and tv news camera live coverage rolling satellite to the Tv stations all over LA. Reporters were crawling the backyards gathering their news and recording briefs for live coverage as we gathered these images for our millions of viewer online. 

On scene of the house that blew up on Canoga Park Wednesday

Friday, September 1, 2017

La Tuna Canyon - Verdugo Mountains Brushfire | Raw Footage

Burbank Verdugo Fire | Sun Valley - 210 Fwy Fire , La Tuna Canyon Rd. Brush Fire 

Largest Historical Burshfire in La Tuna Canyon | Verdugo Mountains in more than 26 years. 

Credit: Baddboyfilms News Tv News Services  in L.A. September 01, 2017 9:27 p.m.

Where there’s smoke, there’s FIRE…

First brush fire in 26 years, La Tuna Canyon Road neighbors comments when they bought their house back some twenty-six years ago and raised their son here. 

“We never thought it would happen, the fire just came up and started and you know how teens are these days, throwing cigarettes around in the bushes without caring” said a homeowner on the 8900 block of La Tuna Canyon Rd. , “its always about someone being a arsonist or a firebug or crashing their cars on the freeway that sets brush on the shoulder on fire”.  

The resident voiced his concerns about the flames reaching his back steps to his hilly house on La Tuna Cyn. Could the Fire Department stop the flames from burning his house? 

The first call went out in the afternoon of Friday September 01, 2017. You could see the gray smoke billowing from the crest all the way from downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood at the Hollywood and Highland Metro Station blocks and the Universal Studios mountain upper level parking structure. 

The fire crawled up the steep cliffs of the Verdugo | Burbank mountains and you could see the hot orange blurred flames peeking through the dense gray and black smoke after the flames, from the Universal Sheraton Hotel and Universal Studios Metro Bus Station top of the street. 

The Fire Department stated the fire grew to over 5,000 acres.
On La Tuna Canyon Rd. late last night at about 9:pm the video we provided shows our raw footage. 

Baddboyfilms News has about 138 video clips of the flames on brush, the scene, the hectic and chaotic street below the 5,000 acre brush fire which was burning between the string of private homes that line La Tuna Canyon Road. Most homeowners were at home, some sitting in lawn chairs on their front lawns as they watched the flames tear through the thick old and dense 26 years of dry brush that had been cleared by this event in a matter of seconds per 30 yards. 

The steep terrain make it difficult for firefighters and grown crew to battle the blaze. The trails had to be re-cut to allow fire crew to pass . Some fire lines that were cut helped battle the flames while some lines were left to allow the fire to run out of territory to burn, basically burn itself out. 

Water drops were concurrent and frequent throughout the mountain tops. The fire was burning from the East, North, and South on La Tuna Cyn. Rd. 

The LAPD had provided assistance with evacuations, warnings, road security and road blocks. The LAPD worked hard during the night on scene and around the containment of the brush fire. 

The Los Angeles Police provided residents with comfort as their presents was noted by some of the La Tina Canyon Rd neighbors living there. 

Baddboyfilms News

La Tuna Cyn Fire
Burbank Verdugo Mountains Fire
Sun Valley Brush Fire
210 Freeway Fire
Los Angeles News Fire updates

Baddboyfilms News 

Website Company:

Burbank Verdugo La Tuna Cyn Fire | L.A. Big Fires

Baddboyfilms News Raw fire footage: 

  Van Nuys Community News  |  Fire updates  

The first 911-call to the Los Angeles Fire Dept. and LAPD, Burbank Police and Burbank Fire began on Friday September 01, 2017. 

Water drops were concurrent and frequent throughout the mountain tops. The fire was burning from the East, North, and South on La Tuna Cyn. Rd.

 The LAPD had provided assistance with evacuations, warnings, road security and road blocks. 

A Dangerous Fire on La Tuna Cyn Road and Verdugo Mountains Friday

Baddboyfilms News Raw fire footage: 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hollywood Hotel fire leaves 1 Firefighter injured | Raw footage

A Room in the Universal Sheraton was under construction when it caught fire Wednesday, leaving a worker with critical life threatening injuries. 

One worker was reportedly injured and he exited the room and was found by Firefighters in another space on the fire floor in critical condition . 

Editorial Credits: Baddboyfilms News August 30, 2017 1:00 pm at Universal Sheraton, Universal, Ca

The Los Angeles Firefighters found a male in critical condition in the room adjusting to where the fire started, laying on the floor unresponsive. 

While the lafd rescuers rushed the injured male worker to an awaiting ambulance down the 9 floors through the stairwell and transported him to the emergency room, the man then became in an emergency state and the firefighters laid him upon the pavement in the entry of the lobby and worked on him till they could re-stablize the victims heart and prep him for transport to a awaiting ambulance just outside. 

Watch the video: 

Sheraton Universal ninth floor room fire | 1 Worker and 1 Firefighter Critical | both hospitalized

August 30, 2017 1:00 pm Universal Studios | Universal Sheraton hotel fire | Baddboyfilms News

The heart machine inside the ambulance was screaming off EKG heart pulse alerts and alarms of warnings continuously as the worker was laying on the gurney inside the awaiting LAFD RA.  

The room blaze was held in check by a fire sprinkler, on the 9th floor of a 26 story high rise Universal Sheraton hotel which is located at 26-story Sheraton hotel at 

There was also one Firefighter injured and was said by authorities to be in serious but stabled condition. 

The scene was catastrophic. Hollywood was shooting a motion picture on the North lot when the blaze in the room ignited . The front parking lot was full of production movie producers from a motion picture production company. They were said to be shooting a cover for a movie. They had nothing to do with the fire, they claimed.

Firefighters did not order evacuations at the hotel. Los Angeles Arson detectives from the LAPD and LAFD were on scene picking through the rubbish for clues on the 9th floor and decided not to allow the Tv News | paparazzi  inside to record or photograph any of the scene until at a later time. 

The injured worker was reported to of worked for a company called Ornnell Fire Sprinkler Inc which is a Fire protection equipment supplier in Grand Terrace, California

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Firefighters working on all floors to minimize damage. One firefighter transported in fair/serious condition with non-traumatic injury. LAFD will be on scene for an extended period. While some guests self-evacuated, the LAFD did not issue an evacuation order. They were ordered to shelter in place.

Breaking News

Published: Associated Press news blogs | Westwood | UCLA Student Local News...9th floor (fire floor) of hotel is under construction, no guests residing. When firefighters ascended the stairs to the 9th floor, they encountered heavy smoke but no fire. The located the fire in one of the rooms and it was being held in check by activated sprinkler system. 

The Universal Sheraton caught fire on the 9th floor during construction Wednesday

Published: Associated Press news blog | Local news - Santa Monica, Ca. 
Pier Shop & Tourist Visitor Center

Baddboyfilms News

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sherman Oaks Crash 1 Teen minor injuries | Raw footage

Van Nuys Local News Blog

Los Angeles | Van Nuys, Calif.

Credits: Baddboyfilms News

A Sherman Oaks trio car accident left 1 Teen Passenger and one other, victims in a head-on collision, Van Nuys Blvd. at Oxnard St, on Sunday July 30, 2017 at 3:30 p.m..

The car accident involved three passenger sized vehicles disabled into the intersection and anger on the faces of all three drivers. The drivers and passengers complained of mild injuries but only two of the traffic accident victims were transported via RA by the Los Angeles Fire Department, Sunday. 

Police arrived to the Sherman Oaks crash location of the traffic accident at 3:30 p.m. Sunday July 30, 2017 to find two totally disabled white small passenger sized vehicles facing one another in the east bound lanes on Oxnard St. just west in the crosswalk of Van Nuys Blvd. , near the intersection, blocking the normal traffic flow. 

The Van Nuys Police were only creating a traffic accident report to validate why the cars were blocking the street and to call OPG Towing to transport the 2 totally disabled vehicles from the intersection. They were not estimating fault , that the investigation of who’s at fault will be held up to the insurance companies to figure it out, Police said. 

Raw Footage: 

Triple Car Crash , 1 Teen and 1 Adult Victim | Intersection 

raw footage credit: Baddboyfilms News | July 30, 2017 3:41 p.m. 

Crash site: 14500-14528 Oxnard St, Sherman Oaks, CA 91401, USA

The injured teen is seen in the video, standing on the corner for over fifteen minutes, walking himself to the awaiting ambulance and climbing into it from the side door entrance with an adult following him from behind  (caught on video). 

On location, prior to transporting this male teen, Fire Officials examined the boy on site and offered to transport if he still was feeling some internal injuries. 

The other traffic accident victim was helped out of the passenger’s door side of one of the white head-on crashed vehicles  stuck in the street, just minutes after the driver wrecked it, by LAFD E39 Firefighters who helped him into an awaiting ambulance walking him to it. 

Just 3 vehicles involved, two transported to hospitals, 1 teen,  1 adult passenger male in his 50s, OPG Garage Towing & Transport Van Nuys, Ca. E39 RA 878, LAFD, LAPD Van Nuys, Valley Traffic Division, Baddboyfilms News | Raw Footage | Sherman Oaks

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Canoga Park: Three car crash / intersection | Raw footage

Breaking News | Van Nuys, Ca | Local Traffic | Fire & Police 

VYN Airport News

Photo Credits: BADDBOYFILMS NEWS  July 26, 2017

Multiple 911 callers requested LAFD to help save the accident victims from their crashed cars at a multiple vehicle pile up early this morning in Canoga Park.
The accident was reported at the intersection of De Soto Avenue and Vanowen Street. 

Raw Footage: 

Traffic was at a stand-still when 4 cars crashed in Intersection De Soto Ave. at Vanowen St. Wednesday morning.

Multiple car crash at the intersection of Vanowen St. and De Soto Ave. Four total cars were involved in this horrific traffic accident on Wedsesday July 26 at 9:30 a.m..  All drivers and passengers complained of pains though no one was transported to the Hospital, Police said. 

The four car pile up happened on the front door step of the Los Angeles Fire Dept. Station 72. LAFD Firefighters of station 84 gave these accident victims the red carpet treatment. They couldn’t of arrived on scene any faster. 

It is unclear what caused the accident. Police Officers on scene took measurements of skid marks and talked to the witnesses and drivers for a traffic accident police report. No damages to L.A. City property were noticeable. 

One woman, a accident victim in her senior years had been driving one of those cars sitting in the turning lane which had crashed dead into the other car’s hood making both cars totally disabled. 

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